Carnival of Nuclear Energy 145

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 145 is up at Atomic Power Review

ANS Nuclear Cafe looks at potential nuclear plant closures and what could be done to stop them from closing

Kewaunee may not be the last plant to close for purely economic reasons. Many experts are saying that several other small plants in merchant power markets (including Vermont Yankee, Fitzpatrick, Nine Mile Point, Cooper, Ginna, Indian Point, and Clinton) are at risk of closing, due to weak demand and continuing low natural gas prices.

* Staffing is higher than it needs to be.
* Natural gas prices will not stay as low as they are now

Nextbigfuture – General Atomics calls for game changing nuclear energy technology

Nextbigfuture – Unit 1 of the Hongyanhe plant in Liaoning province in northeast China has been connected to the electricity grid. The reactor is expected to enter commercial operation later this year. The 1080 MWe Chinese-designed pressurized water reactor was connected to the grid at 3.09pm on 17 February. It now enters a phase of commissioning tests, after which it will enter commercial operation

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