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US Manufacturing jobs are leaving China and Returning to robots in the US

This had over 2500 points and 1600 comments.

Top Reddit comments
– *the robots are manufactured in China
– For now. Just until we have more robots that can manufacture more robots.
– This will go a long way to reduce the high rate of unemployment amongst American-born robots…
– Thats good because many people are needed to build, program, maintain and manage the robots. At least those (typically higher paying jobs) will be in the US and not China. The fact is, change happens, old jobs die off new ones come about. At least those newer jobs are going to be found in the US and not elsewhere.

Cable companies make 97% margin on Internet services and have no incentive to provide gigabit internet

This had over 3000 points and 1100 comments.

Top Reddit Comments –
– As if that isn’t bad enough, Time warner is actually lobbying against a community owned ISP (to make it illegal) because they can’t compete.

– That’s a really old article, but yeah that sort of thing is common. ALEC (presumably at the behest of AT and T) has been pushing model bills to make municipal ISPs illegal for some time. See

-Welcome to america where business is free, in the sense that you can buy laws.

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Two weeks ago an article on 150 kilowatt lasers being installed in US fighter planes as Early as 2013 made the front page.

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