The Cutting Edge of Optimization and Discrete Mathematics

Dr. Hearn give an overview of his program – Optimization and Discrete Mathematics at the AFOSR (Air Force) Spring Review 2012.

– Discusses the cutting edge of optimization
– 25% of all scientific programming is spent on linear programming problems
– metamaterial design
– Describes the value of the travelling salesman problem and how they can take two local optima and make the move the next local optima (using non-quantum systems. Just secret math).
– Cracking or making a dent on travelling salesman problems means progress on all NP-complete problems.
– Band gap optimization
– photonic materials and crystalline structures
– circuit design
– improve drugs and manufacturing

This relates to the kinds of discrete optimization problems that could be revolutionized by Dwave Systems adiabatic computer.

Proposed photonic materials that we cannot currently make. Might need molecular nanotech

Optimization Methods

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