Rethinking Solar to get it cheaper than natural gas

Problem: The price of solar electricity is still higher than electricity from coal or natural gas. Price parity or perhaps making solar cheaper than fossil fuel is required for widespread adoption of solar.

Solution: Bill outlines several ideas that could reduce the material, labor and maintenance costs of solar thermal electricity.

1. Rethink Storage – integrated rock storage right in the tower
2. Rethink Engine – Low temperature stirling engine
3. Rethink Actuation
4. Rethink Installation

Wind is the Enemy of Solar 0 Solar has heavy frames to resist strong wind

Cover the solar when winds are strong, so solar setup can be cheap and lightweight

Technology that might make it possible: Energy storage using rocks, higher efficiency (~30%) sterling engine, low-weight mirror structures including a retractable wind covers, wire drive mirrior actuation and automated construction and installation of the mirrors.

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4.9 cents per kwh

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