UAE developers may adopt Broad Group of China’s factory mass produced skyscrapers

Major UAE developers visit Broad Sustainable Building – a Chinese construction firm that specialises factory mass produced skyscrapers that can be assembled in weeks to months. Rhe UAE is ranked third on the list of countries having the most buildings taller than 200 metres. In Dubai alone, there are 65 buildings over 200 metres with the maximum being on the Sheikh Zayed Road corridor.

Last year, Broad Group announced plans to build the 220-storey Sky City in Changsha, 10 metres taller than the 828-metre Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest tower, once they get approval from the government.

In order to build the tallest tower, the Chinese company will use the same factory-built module technique on a mega scale that was used to construct the T30 tower, a 30-storey hotel in Hunan province, which BSB built in 15 days.

To construct Sky City, a 16,000 strong workforce will build the wall and floor panels over a six-month period with the electrics, plumbing, flooring and air conditioning being installed in the panels before they are shipped to the construction site. Pieces will be set up just like a Lego set.

BSB claims the technique is energy efficient, reduces the need for cement and is one third of the cost versus traditional building techniques.

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