U.S. crude oil production tops 7 million barrels per day in December 2012, highest since December 1992

U.S. crude oil production exceeded an average 7 million barrels per day (bbl per day) in November and December 2012, the highest volume since December 1992.

The breakdown of oil production by state shows

Texas had 2.22 million bpd for Dec (68.88 million barrels for the month of Dec)
North Dakota has 739,000 bpd for Dec (23.83 million barrels for the month of Dec)

Because of time constraints in publishing monthly petroleum supply statistics, EIA uses an estimate of production for the most recent month. This estimate is derived from actual data reported by federal and state agencies that supply the information in time for EIA’s publication. For remaining states, EIA estimates crude oil production using the latest available data from those states. As reported data become available, EIA revises the estimated production data with actual production data.

The estimated crude oil production for the last two weeks of February have been about 7.1 million bpd.

US oil production including Ethanol and Natural Gas liquids and Refinery gains have been over 11.5 million bpd.

EIA production data ranking of countries

US Top Producing country of all Oil Liquids

US Number 2 country for Oil, Natural Gas Liquids and Ethanol

US Number 3 country for Crude Oil Production

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