While we wait for the 220 Story Skycity Skyscraper there will be a 100 Story factory mass produced skyscraper

The local government of the city of Yinchuan has already signed a contract with Broad group in the construction of a 100 story building using factory mass produced construction methods.

Broad Group is famous for proposing to build the tallest building in the world and assembling it in only 3 months. The Skycity project has been delayed but has not been cancelled.

Here is a translation of news about the 100 story building

Broad Group has the future of building technology with a factory mass produced building that can
* withstand a category 9.0 earthquake
* five times more energy-efficient
* 20 times cleaner air inside
* 1% of construction waste
* 93% factory manufacturing sustainable building.

Broad Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo was built in a day.
Six days to build a new Ark Hotel 15 days to build a 30-story T30 Hotel.

Sustainable high-rise buildings have been built in Mexico, Hunan Changsha Xiangyin, Shanghai, Shanxi, Fujian, Shandong, Hubei and other places. They have built more than 20 buildings, opened the prelude to the revolution of the third building in the world.

They plan to build the new 100 story building inJinfeng District, Yinchuan City CBD center. It will have a total building area of ​​300,000 square meters, a height of about 410 meters and 100 floors. They plan to build one set of grade 5A office space, seven-star and five-star hotels, high-end commercial and apartment high-rise urban complex.

Other translated news is here and here

Sky City Plans

30 story construction video

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