Carnival of Space 292

The Carnival of Space 292 is up at Tranquility Base Blog

We are all in the gutter has science with StarCraft or how video game data can help you decide which galactic domination strategy is best

Scientists: Europa’s Ocean Similar to Earth’s, May Contain Life

The Meridiani Journal – More evidence that Europa’s ocean is similar to Earth’s

Elon Musk said SpaceX is testing of new rockets that would be reusable. That would provide a massive hundred-fold decrease in the cost of space flight. Fuel and oxygen is only 0.3% of the cost of a rocket. With reusable rockets, space travel could be easier to attain for more people, he said. SpaceX is currently working on a reusable rocket prototype, one that could “land safely anywhere on earth like a helicopter” after sending a given craft hurtling beyond our atmosphere to its destination. And damned if the company isn’t already part of the way there: Musk brought with him a video — set to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” — of a successful test of one of its 10-storey-high Grasshopper rising from a launchpad, hovering in the air for a short time and then softly descending to the ground on a cushion of boosters and landing gears. The test apparently only occurred “about a day and a half ago.” It flew up to about 300 feet and hovered for about 40 seconds.

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