RF chip at 10 Gbps will enable wireless high definition video connections between devices

South Korea’s government-backed R&D agency has developed an RF chip that can transmit at 10Gbps, claiming to be the world’s fastest commercially viable wireless technology. The frequency will support WiGig, the next extension of the Wi-Fi platform (802.11ad), and other protocols targeted at high speed, short range links. Applications are likely to include in-home video networks, small cell backhaul, and cable replacement in connecting PCs, peripherals and consumer electronics.

Its speed would allow a 4.7Gbytes file to be sent in 3.76 seconds, said the report, compared to over three minutes over current fast Wi-Fi.

To make it small enough for mobile devices, the chip needs only one antenna for both outgoing and incoming data, unlike conventional RF chips, said the institute.

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