Swiss company announces reusable suborbital spaceplane launcher for 2017

Swiss Space Systems (S-3) objective is to develop, manufacture, certify and operate unmanned suborbital spaceplanes for small satellite deployment. The range of satellites we will be able to launch goes up to 250 kg small satellites. The start of the test flights is planned for 2017.

They propose a sustainable system based and built on aeronautics experience and its developments.

* launch our spaceplane from a Zero-G certified Airbus A300,
* spaceplane will use standard fuels, with no fuel required during landing after a suborbital flight.

They are planning to build the most economic and ecological model available today. Nothing is lost on a flight. The main components used during the flight are re-usable and we intend to develop ground operations known from aviation such as inspection, repair and equipment replacement activities.

They plan to launch small satellites for about 7 million pounds (about 12 million USD.) This is about four times less than current costs.

Spaceplane on Airbus

Front View of Spaceplane

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