Toward multijunction solar cell with efficiency over 50%

An approach for an all lattice-matched multijunction solar cell optimized design is presented, together with a detailed analysis of its performance by means of full device modeling. The simulations shows over 50% efficiency under 100 suns of concentration. As a key proof of concept, an equivalent 3-junction solar cell lattice-matched to InP was fabricated and tested. The independently connected single junction solar cells were also tested in a spectrum splitting configuration, showing similar performance to a monolithic tandem device

The new multijunction solar cell design has three subcells that each have different band gaps to absorb different parts of the solar spectrum. The scientists focused on improving the current match and the lattice match among the subcells to achieve the highest simulated efficiency for this type of solar cell to date. Credit: Marina S. Leite, et al. ©2013 American Institute of Physics

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