Age and Crime and Radical Life Extension

Crime peaks around age 17 or 18. Age and the Explanation of Crime, Revisited from the University of Arizona re-examines age and crime. They followed 1,300 serious juvenile offenders in Phoenix and Philadelphia over a seven-year period. They controlled for 40 different things that were changing over these seven years. The researchers were able to explain more than two-thirds of the drop in crime between the ages of 15 to 25 using the 40 variables, but couldn’t account for the remaining 30 percent.

If everyone had the biological age of 20 with radical life extension would they commit crime at a higher rate or would they commit crime at levels of their mental age ? Would crime rates be at a 30% boost over their mental age ?

I think that if there was say radical life extension where people lived indeterminantly long lives and the average age was 100 where people were biologically 20, then there would still be very low crime rates. Lower than some populations now with average ages of 40-45.

List of countries by median age in wikipedia.

Homicide rates by country

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