Electric Bikes are triple the number of all other alternative fuel vehicles combined

In China, more than 200 million electric bikes have been sold and account for the single largest adoption of alternative fuel vehicles in history.

In 2011,there were more than one billion cars and trucks in use in the world, compared with around 70 million alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles that had been sold or converted worldwide as of December 2011.

* 27.1 million flexible-fuel vehicles mostly in Brazil
* 17.5 million LPG powered vehicles by December 2010
* 14.8 million natural gas vehicles by December 2011
* 5.7 million neat-ethanol only light-vehicles built in Brazil since 1979
* More than 5.2 million hybrid electric vehicles have been sold worldwide by the end of September 2012
* More than 530,000 plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) sold worldwide by December 2011

Carbon dioxide emissions for a Chinese e-bike are about one-tenth of what is emitted by a conventional electric car, when factoring in the electricity source needed to power the car’s much larger batteries, according to research published recently by Cherry and colleague Shuguang Ji.

Adoption of electric bikes is strongest when there is more urban congestion, a lack of sufficient parking for cars and a cultural acceptance of two-wheeled vehicles as a viable form of daily transportation.

There will be about l of 25 million light duty NGVs on the road by 2019. Pike Research expects annual worldwide sales of pure electric, plug in hybrid and hybrid vehicles, collectively referred to as electric vehicles (EVs), will reach 3.8 million by 2020.

There will be about 450 million electric bikes worldwide by 2020. Electric bikes need twenty to one hundred times less battery than electric cars.

Non-electric bicycles have about 130 million sales per year. However, the highest usage of non-electric bicycles for commuting are in places like the Netherlands where cities are made bicycle friendly and have 30% of all trips made by bicycle. Bicycles also dominate in less developed countries in Africa and Asia.

The UK has boosted commuter bicycling by 17% to 760,000 people. Bicycling is 2% of all trips in the UK. The US has about 1% of all trip using bicycles.

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