Internet Trends 2013 – 2.4 billion internet users. Mobile internet, wearable devices and connected cars.

There are now 2.4 billion Internet users around the world, and the total continues to grow apace. Mobile usage is expanding rapidly, while the mobile advertising opportunity remains largely untapped. The report reviews the shifting online landscape, which has become more social and content rich, with expanded use of photos, video and audio. Looking ahead, the report finds early signs of growth for wearable computing devices, like glasses, connected wrist bands and watches – and the emergence of connected cars, drones and other new platforms.

* 500 million photos uploaded and shared per day
* 100 hours of video uploaded per minute to Youtube
* 11 hours of sound uploaded per minute. 400 million users of Tencent Wechat
* content sharing up more than 9 times in five years
* Made in USA Smartphone operating systems now 88% instead of 5% six years ago
* Group sharing traffic (Waze), reviews (Yelp), Jawbone UP
* Fitness data from wearable devices is doubling every month
* China and South Korea have more mobile internet than desktop PC using several metrics
* Tablets passed desktops and notebooks at the end of 2012
* Emerging transformation of education and healthcare via online and mobile

Wearables would make people hands free instead of reaching for a smartphone about 150 times per day

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