SeeMeCNC – $999 Improved 3D Printer and $7499 laser cutter

Rostock MAX’s Cheapskate design uses t-slot aluminum extrusion as not only the structural member, but also the linear bearing surface. To keep the bearings from wearing the aluminum’s surface we CNC machine acetal bearing covers. The extruder is our own proven workhorse, the “Steve’s Extruder”, that uses push to connect fittings for a bowden extruder setup fed down to our reliable hot-end design that comes set up for 1.75mm filament. The hot-end platform as well as the Delta arms are all made from incredibly strong, lightweight injection molded reinforced plastic. The same material is also used in the extruder body to keep everything super strong and light. The wood kit’s laser cut framework uses a new material introduced to 3D printers by us, melamine laminate. It’s easier to work with, and more durable than other laser cut plywoods that are popular. The laser cut parts speed up assembly of the printer and help key the major parts together while you install the hardware. The extruder features an integrated spool holder designed for 1lb. or 2.2lb (1kg.) spools.

Standard features below:

* Over 1300 in² of build volume (11″ Diameter by over 14 3/4″ height)
* Your model is stationary throughout the entire build process, less prone to print failures
* High quality Laser cut, Injection molded and CNC machined parts all made by us right here in the USA
* Comes set up for 1.75mm filament
* Uses high torque NEMA 17 stepper motors
* Comes standard with a .5mm nozzle for easy printing, but can use our other sizes as well
* 450w PSU delivers more than enough power for the heated bed, hot end and accessories you could add
* RAMBo by UltiMachine electronics
* Positioning accuracy of .02mm (20 microns) *
* Speed in excess of 300mm/s in all motion, not just X/Y moves ***
* Tinker-friendly electronics and hardware. Many extra places to add your own mods to both
* Filament spool holder incorporated into the machine (for 1lb or 1kg spools only)
* Easily upgradeable to dual-extrusion in the future. RAMBo supports dual hotends and extruders stock

80 Watt CO2 Laser Cutter and Engraver for $7499

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