Seven Multi-trillion dollar technologies

The McKinsey Global Institute identifies 12 technologies that could drive truly massive economic transformations and disruptions in the coming years. Applications of the 12 technologies discussed in the report could have a potential economic impact between $14 trillion and $33 trillion a year in 2025. This estimate is neither predictive nor comprehensive. It is based on an in-depth analysis of key potential applications and the value they could create in a number of ways, including the consumer surplus that arises from better products, lower prices, a cleaner environment, and better health. Some technologies detailed in the report have been gestating for years and thus will be familiar.

1. Mobile Internet $3.7-10.5 trillion
2. Automation of knowledge work $5.2-6.7 trillion
3. Internet of things $2.7-6.2 trillion
4. Cloud $1.7-6.2 trillion
5. Advanced robotics $1.7-4.5 trillion
6. Autonomous or near-autonomous cars $0.2-1.9 trillion
7. Next generation genomics $0.7-1.6 trillion

These can be compared to what GDP is expected to be added by leading countries (without currency or inflation adjustment.
1. China $10-20 trillion
2. United States 4-7 trillion
3. India $2-4 trillion
4. Indonesia $1.5-2.5 trillion
5. Brazil $1-2 trillion
6. Japan $1-2 trillion
7. South Korea $1 trillion
8. Mexico $1 trillion
9. Russia $1 trillion

Worldbank 2011 report on global development horizons

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