Udacity, Georgia Tech and AT&T have created a online masters degree in computer science (bare content is free but the degree has a tuition fee)

Sebastian Thrun and Udacity with Georgia Tech and AT&T have realized the dream of putting an entire computer science degree online, and to make access to the material free of charge, so that everyone can become a proficient computer scientist.

So many potential learners are still denied access to education. Education has become much more exclusive, and getting into a top-10 computer science department, like Georgia Tech’s, is still out of reach for all but a chosen few.

Udacity was founded to bring the very best of higher education to everyone worldwide. With Georgia Tech, they have a partner whose computer science program is among the best in the world. AT&T is relentlessly innovating in the space of digital access to information.

This triumvirate of industry and academia is now teaming up to use 21st Century massive open online course (MOOC) technology to level the playing field in computer science education. The degree rightfully comes with a tuition fee — after all, to achieve the very best in online education we will provide support services — the bare content will be available free of charge, available for anyone eager to learn.

Udacity is also launching non-credit certificates at a much reduced price point, to give a path to those who don’t care about Georgia Tech credit or degrees, but still want their learning results certified.

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