Why StarTrek is the most important piece of fiction ever

Star Trek is the most important piece of fiction ever because it has inspired or foreshadowed the development of more major technology than any other work of fiction.

Star Trek Technology          Real World

Communicator                  Cellphone
Universal Translator          Google Translate, Microsoft Translator
Warp Drive                    NASA Eagleworks space warping experiment led by Harold White
Isolinear AI computer         Google AI project, IBM Watson
PADD                          Tablet computers
Medical Tricorder             X prise
Replicator                    3D Printing Companies
Phasers                       Combat lasers
Large Wall sized screens      80 inch and larger flat screen TVs
Holodeck                      There are advances with 3D displays that do not need glasses, and holograms, and interactive holographic environments
Medical life signs monitors   Visual medical readouts
Technology created abundance  A bit more than double per capita income in constant dollars since 1967 Advanced robotics, molecular nanotechnology and nuclear fusion will kick this into a higher gear
Teleportation                 Molecules have been quantum teleported

Besides technology Star Trek predicted a world with increased ethnic integration. Ethnic integration has increased since the late 1960s.

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