AGI researcher Ben Goertzel seeks $300,000 to build an intelligent robot

The Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) researcher Ben Goertzel was interviewed for Next Big Future in 2009. Goertzel is overseeing a team of researchers in Hong Kong and elsewhere, trying to develop his OpenCOG project, but the program is currently resource-constrained.

In order to generate funds sufficient to hire the senior AI researchers necessary to bring the project to the next level, Goertzel is now starting a crowd funding campaign to develop a robot with intelligence. The project seeks $300,000 in order to build a robot that combines OpenCOG with the sophisticated faces of David Hanson and the general robotics capabilities of Marc Tilden. Goertzel has stated that OpenCOG is highly scalable and he is confident that, with sufficient funding, a robot approaching human-level intelligence could be built within a decade.

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