Canada Is the World’s Most Reputable Country for the third year in a row

Canada is the country with the world’s best reputation according to Reputation Institute’s 2013 Country RepTrak™ Study.

The win marks the third year in a row that the North American nation has been ranked first in the 2013 Country
RepTrak™ Study, which surveys more than 27,000 people from the G8 countries.

Reputation Institute released its fourth annual list of 50 countries, ranked based on people’s trust, admiration, respect and affinity for those countries. Each of the 50 countries were chosen due to their large population and economies or those that have been in the public eye as a result of political, economic or natural events.

The Country RepTrak™ Study measures the reputation of 50 countries based on levels of trust, esteem, admiration
and respect, as well as perceptions regarding 16 attributes that include it being viewed as: a safe place to visit, a beautiful country, having friendly and welcoming residents, having progressive social and economic policies, being run by an effective government, and more.

Fieldwork took place between January and March 2013. Along with Canada, which received a score of 76.6 on a 100-point scale, the top five countries include: Sweden (76.5, up from third place in 2012), Switzerland (76.3, also up one notch from last year’s fourth place ranking), Australia (76.1, down from second place), and Norway (74.1 points). At the opposite pole are Russia (36.7), Nigeria (34.0), Pakistan (28.8), Iran (22.6), and Iraq (21.2).

The U.S. ranked 22 nd, China placed 44th , while Japan fared the best at 14th.

Daily Show video explains how since 1790 Canada has had zero banking crisis versus 16 for the United States

No bank crashes in Depression, 1987 or 2007

The U.S.’s country ranking continues to improve under the Obama administration, moving up to 22nd place in 2013 with a 3.6-point increase (57.4 this year compared to 53.9 in 2012). The improvement of the USA’s reputation in recent years has been driven primarily by the variables such as “Offers a friendly environment for doing business” (+8% vs. 2012) and “Is run by an effective government” (+6% vs. 2012).

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