Carbon fiber elevator cable – Ultrarope will enable elevators to be twice as tall

Kone has created carbon fiber elevator cable called Ultrarope. This will enable elevators longer than 500 meters to one kilometer.

* Super-light rope technology
* Carbon fiber core and special high-friction coating
* Tested under extreme conditions
* lasts twice as long before needing replacement versus traditional cable
* 60% reduction in moving masses for an elevator with a travel height of 500 meters
* 15% reduction in energy consumption for an elevator with a travel height of 500 meters
* When elevator travel heights increase in the future, further reductions can be achieved. An elevator with a travel height of 800 meters, moving masses can be reduced by 90% and energy consumption by 45%.
* The higher the building, the bigger the benefits of ultrarope

It can enable travel heights of up to 1000 meter — twice as high as what is possible with today’s technology.

This groundbreaking technology will also support the design of more sustainable, higher-performance buildings that are better equipped to meet the demands of the urban environments of tomorrow.

Here is a 6 page brochure

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