Carnival of Space 308 – Multiverse evidence and exoplanets

The Carnival of Space 308 is up at Pam Hoffma’s Spacer blog

Andrew Fracknoi – Exploring the Universe – On the discovery of 6 or 7 planets around the nearby faint star Gliese 667c, at least three of which are in the star’s habitable zone. Discusses the implications of the discovery for the search for planets and life.

The Meridiani Journal also covers the three ‘super-Earth’ planets discovered orbiting in habitable zone of nearby star

Nextbigfuture – 3D Systems and Planetary Resources announced today that 3D Systems has joined Planetary Resources’ core group of investors and will be a collaborative partner in assisting Planetary Resources to develop and manufacture components of its ARKYD Series of spacecraft using its advanced 3D printing and digital manufacturing solutions.

Nextbigfuture – Lack of other particles around the Higgs Boson suggests that there is a multiverse to explain the tuned parameters

Nextbigfuture – The different temperatures in the cosmic background radiation could also be explained by a multiverse collision. Or it could be a competing theory or a less that one in one hundred fluke of quantum fluctations in the early universe

Nextbigfuture – There is a 600-1000 kilometer per second flow of stars across 2.5 billion light years and that flow could be shown to be even be larger with more measurements. This suggests that there is another universe beside ours generating a massive gravitational attraction.

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