Factory Mass produced skyscrapers could be a $1-3 trillion impact to Global GDP by 2025

Broad group of China’s factory mass produced skyscrapers are a major disruptive technology. This will be a disruption of real estate with a profitable technology and sustainable business model

Broad Group has plans to get 30% of the global construction market. It could take until about 2025 instead of 2020.

The Global construction industry will be about $6.7 trillion industry in 2020. 30% of the global construction industry would be over $2 trillion.

They have cost advantages are over 10X better than western construction (Freedom tower over $12000 per square meter instead of $1100 per square meter) and even 1.3 to 4X cheaper than other skyscraper construction in China.

They have over a 10X speed advantage by building 30 story buildings in 15 days. Perhaps 3 months including factory module construction and the foundation. 50 stories will take about 25 days + factory work and foundation.

6 times less energy cost and cleaner air

Mckinsey Global had a projection of technologies that will impact on the world economy.

1. Mobile Internet $3.7-10.5 trillion
2. Automation of knowledge work $5.2-6.7 trillion
3. Internet of things $2.7-6.2 trillion
4. Cloud $1.7-6.2 trillion
5. Advanced robotics $1.7-4.5 trillion
6. Autonomous or near-autonomous cars $0.2-1.9 trillion
7. Next generation genomics $0.7-1.6 trillion

Factory mass produced skyscrapers could be a $1-3 trillion global GDP boost by 2025. The factory produced buildigs

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