Nexus and Crux – Nanotechnology, Transhuman, Posthuman fiction

Ramez Naam wrote a science fiction spy story centered around a nanotech drug called Nexus.

Although it is swallowed like a drug, Nexus is a nano-structure that creates an interface between the brain and computer software. It acts as a networking platform and an operating system. It creates the potential for one Nexus user to control another. Nexus is both a regulated drug and a prohibited technology. In short, it is illegal. Should it be?

Nexus can permanently alter the human brain. Nexus users can install addon applications to help enhance their capabilities. The Don Juan app, Bruce Lee app etc… This is somewhat like in the movie Matrix where Neo is jacked into a system and he learns “kung fu”.

Nexus was recently optioned for a film by Paramount and Darren Aronofsky.

Paramount Pictures acquired screen rights to Nexus, the science fiction novel by Ramez Naam. The project will be produced by Mary Parent and Cale Boyter through their Disruption label and Darren Aronofsky and Scott Franklin through their Protozoa banner. Negotiations are underway for the book to be adapted by Ari Handel and Mark Heyman.

Ramez Naam was former CEO of Apex Nanotechnology and worked for 13 years at Microsoft. He previously wrote the nonfiction book More Than Human: Embracing The Promise Of Biological Enhancement. Nexus is his first novel, and it takes place in the near future in a battle for mind control. A young technologist becomes the first person to invent controllable nanotechnology software for the brain. He then becomes an unwilling pawn in an international battle to control the new technology, chased by mercenaries and government agents looking to make enhancements of their own.

The next book in the series is Crux.

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