Proposed Proton-proton, electron-positron collider and Higgs Factory

The discovery of a Higgs-like boson with mass near 126 GeV, at the LHC, has reignited interest in future energy frontier colliders. We propose here a proton-proton (pp) collider in a 100 km ring, with center of mass (CM) energy of ~100 TeV which would have substantial discovery potential for new heavy particles and new physics beyond the Standard Model. In the case that LHC experiments have already found exotic resonances or heavy “partner” particles, this collider could fill out the “tower” of resonances (thus e.g. confirming an extra dimension) or the full suite of partner particles (e.g. for supersymmetry). The high luminosity of the new collider would enable unique precision studies of the Higgs boson (including Higgs self coupling and rare Higgs decays), and its higher energy would allow more complete measurements of vector boson scattering to help elucidate electroweak symmetry breaking. We also discuss an e+e- collider in the same 100 km ring with CM energies from 90 to 350 GeV. This collider would enable precision electroweak measurements up to the ttbar threshold, and serve as a Higgs factory.

They are looking to use Nobium 15-20 tesla superconducting magnets and upgrading to 20+ Tesla YBCO and Bi-2212 superconducting magnets.

Upgrade path : We envisage that the collider will first be operated at a beam energy of 120 GeV as a Higgs factory. Later the energy could be increased to 175 GeV with the luminosity decreasing with the cube of the energy if the power stays constant.

There is a 31 kilometer international linear collider that is nearing the start of construction.

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