Superfast 5G mobile

Samsung labs showed new 5G technology worked well when the device receiving data was moving at the speed of a runner, eight kilometers per hour. The testing also found that the novel wireless link could reach 200 meters even when there was no direct line-of-sight.

In tests—with a transmitter mounted on an outside wall at the third-floor level of an 11-story concrete building and the receiver moving around, with part of the building blocking the signal—the new technology delivered error-free data at 256 megabits per second, reaching a rate of 512 megabits per second with negligible errors. This compares to the theoretical maximum of about 75 megabits per second that current 4G LTE technology can provide.

Samsung’s ultrafast wireless transmitter and receiver includes 128 antenna elements – 64 for transmitting and 64 for receiving data.

The Samsung technology relies on 28-gigahertz frequencies—also known as “millimeter wave”—which are roughly an order of magnitude higher than the cellular frequencies used today and, as such, can carry commensurately more data.

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