202 Story Broad Group Sky City to Start Construction August, 2013 and 1000 meter Jeddah Tower to start Dec, 2013

China 202 story Sky City will soar to 838 metres to dominate the skyline in Changsha, China, by March 2014. Work will start at the end of August 2013 as reported by the Pars Herald.

China Broad Group will need four months to prefabricate the sections – and three months more to bolt them together on site.

The tower is designed to stand through an earthquake registering nine on the Richter scale.

Saudi Arabia plans a new 1,000 meter £1 billion [US$1.5 billion] super tower in the capital of Jeddah are said to be ‘progressing well”. Saudi Arabia says ground works will start in December 2013 and are set to last 10 months. The tower is scheduled to open in 2018.

China’s Broad Group CEO has talked about an over 2000 meter tall 636 story tower that would follow as a Super Sky City.

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