Anki will bring artificial intelligence and robotics into people’s everyday lives

Anki is a new startup that aims to bring artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics into people’s everyday lives.

They gave a first sneak peek of Anki Drive at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. At first glance, it’s a racing game that pits real cars against players and each other – but after playing for a few minutes, you’ll see what makes Anki Drive special: They are making the first video games in the real world, and their team has worked tirelessly on the robotics and AI challenges that this presents. Each car is equipped with sensors and intelligent software to make thousands of decisions every second. They use mobile devices not as remote controls, but as drivers for an immersive real-world experience. And they took great care to make sure that despite everything under the hood, the final experience is intuitive and entertaining.

Anki Drive is the first steps of the future of robotics and artificial intelligence being realized. It is a transformative entertainment experience, and it has countless possibilities in the future.

Anki Drive will be available this Fall exclusively on iOS.

The company has operated in stealth mode since Februrary 2012 and Andreessen said that keeping quiet about it for 16 months “has been one of the hardest things I have had to do since we started our firm!”

Andreesen was part of $50 million in funding.

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