Convert any bike into an electric bike in one minute

The Rubbee is a friction drive module for most standard bicycles on the market and can convert any standard bike into an electric bike in one minute. 25 km/h top speed and 25 km range make this a perfect solution for Your daily rides. Aluminium parts are CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminium and an integrated battery management system makes sure that the battery pack is healthy for thousands of cycles.

The Kickstarter has raised 26,000 pounds out of 63000 pounds

Currently they will cost about US$1200-1500.

* You don’t need to buy a whole electric bicycle if You want one
* You can switch between a regular bicycle and an electric in just a matter of seconds
* You don’t have to carry a heavy and inconvenient battery pack or a whole bicycle to recharge it
* You can share it with Your family members and friends
* Your bicycle can be electric without any hassle that comes with regular conversion kits

Rubbee can be mounted in few simple steps:

1. Clamp it on the seat tube;

2. Remove the fixation pin to enable suppression system (You can leave it in if You want to ride around with Rubbee disengaged from the wheel);

3. Connect the throttle;

4. Press the ON/OFF button;

5. Just reverse the order to remove Rubbee from the bicycle.

Cast friction wheel: The friction wheel is where the rubber meets the road, or meets the rubber should we say. We cast these rollers from a special polyurethane formula we’ve developed for this application. It provides maximum grip while keeping Your bicycle’s tire from wearing off too much. This is where we make sure the power is transferred via rubbing and not grinding. And that’s where the name comes from – Rubbee. The muscle of Rubbee – electric motor electronically limited to 800W is integrated inside this roller. With the help of some ultra-cool mechanical parts, of course.

Multifunction power button: The power button functions as an ON/OFF switch and as a battery level indicator. Integrated blue-colored LED blinks corresponding to the state of charge of the battery pack. The faster it blinks – the less power You have left. It also shows the status of the batteries when the Rubbee is being charged.

Integrated suppression system: It makes sure Rubbee always provides a constant force on the tire of the bicycle thus allowing minimum slip even in wet conditions. This feature also enables Rubbee to be used even on the bicycles with rear wheel suspension where the geometry of the bicycle is always changing. Suppression system only engages when the fixation pin is removed. That means that You can ride around with Rubbee on Your bicycle even without it touching the tire. This feature comes in handy when Rubbee “gets out of breath”.

The specs

Range (without pedaling): 25 km (15 mi)
Top speed: 25 km/h (15 mph)
Weight: 6.5 kg (14 lbs)
Peak power: 800 W
Integrated battery pack: 20000 mAh
Full recharge time: 2 hours

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