Japan has given the LDP a landslide win. A win for nuclear restarts and economic restructuring

Japan appears to be on the verge of giving the LDP a landslide victory.

This is a win for Abenomics and nuclear reactor restarts.

The Japanese prime minister’s ruling coalition has won a solid majority in the country’s upper house elections, gaining control of both chambers of parliament.

Shinzo Abe’s decisive win is being seen as a mandate to press ahead with difficult economic reforms – an endorsement for the Liberal Democratic Party’s ‘Abenomics’ programme, which has helped spark a tentative economic recovery in Japan.

The LDP and its new coalition partner Komeito now have 135 of the 242 seats in the upper house, after winning 76 of the 121 seats that were contested this time around.

The country’s main opposition party, the Democratic Party of Japan, has just 59.

Members serve six-year terms and elections are held for half of the seats every three years.

The landslide victory means both legislative chambers are now under government control until at least 2016, unblocking the bottleneck that has hampered legislation for the last six short-term leaders.

Fresh from his win in Sunday’s polls, Mr Abe vowed to stay focused on reviving the stagnant economy during a news conference on Monday.

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