Microsoft is not aging gracefully and Surface is like bad plastic surgery as Microsoft tries to look Young

The Washington post makes the case that Microsoft could follow the path of Digital Equipment. DEC failed to transition from minicomputers after ten years of attempts to become a player in personal computers

However, Microsoft can lose all of the home persobal computing market and still last at about half the size with just the Enterprise software.

Microsoft needs to determine how to reinvent themselves as IBM. IBM mastered high consulting and business solutions.

If Microsoft ends up retreating to its business software business then they should make the acquisitions and moves tiomake that a stronger and bigger core.

In tablets and smartphones even Apple is fading under the competitive pressure.

Laptops, tablets and smartphones will not be places where Microsoft will build a major profitable core.

I think Microsoft should look to massive online open source courses and using those and other tools and systems to make software developers more productive. All of their research and focus should be on leveraging software developers.

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