Rise of the global middle class and extreme poverty reduction

The rise of a global middle class with an average of $12,000 GDP per capita and halving of world extreme poverty are some of the biggest changes that effect the most people. I have projected how that seems likely to continue to a per capita income of about $20,000 GDP PPP per capita in ten years and $30,000 GDP PPP per capita in twenty years.

This shift effects world energy usage and resource utilization and public health (richer people and countries can afford cleaner water and more food.)

There is the wikipedia tables of past and future GDP by countries on a purchasing power parity (PPP) basis. These are mostly statistics and projections from the IMF. There is some dispute and inaccuracy related to GDP for a country and PPP cost comparisons. In particular China’s 2005 international comparison of prices is probably causing an underestimation of China’s PPP GDP by about 40% because they assume pricing for China’s largest cities applies to rural areas and small cities. However, even taking those things into account the PPP GDP is probably accurate for the world to within 20%.

I have combined this with world population figures and projections.

I also added in how many times higher the US per capita GDP is above the world average GDP PPP per capita.
I also added in how many times higher the world average GDP per capita PPP is above the world extreme poverty line ($1 per day in 1996 and $1.25 per day in 2005 and then inflation adjusted assumption going forward)

World Poverty was halved from 40% to 20% from 1993 to 2010 and could halve again by 2020

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