Small permanent panelized homes $10000-25000 with 2X6 kit construction, foundation, electricity and plumbing

The standard foundation for all Kanga structures is a 2×6 treated lumber floor joist panel that rest on 4×4 treated lumber skids. The skids are set on concrete patio stones that are leveled at the build site and anchored to the ground. The cost of this type of foundation is figured into the price of the building. Sites that make this type of foundation unworkable because of unevenness in the terrain will require an alternate foundation system.

The Kanga sheds cost about $3000 and the cottages and houses cost $7000 (120 square feet) to $22000 (600 square feet). Plumbing and electricity can be added for about $2500-3500.

The floor system, wall system and roof system all come in panels that are no bigger than 4×8. This is designed so that one or two people can handle the panel. The floor panels are set on level beams where the 1 1/8’’ plywood is attached. The wall panels are then erected using screws OR a nail gun. Then the supplied beams (the size and number of beams varies depending on the model) are erected on the walls. The roof panels are then attached to the beams. The roof covering is then applied.

All parts of the kit are designed to make installation as efficient as possible. A skilled construction crew can assemble our basic studio or shed kits in three days or less in most instances. The kit DOES require a moderate level of construction skill and knowledge of the use of the proper tools. If you have never done any building before or do not consider yourself mechanically inclined then handling the install yourself is not recommended.

However, if you do have some basic construction skills and feel comfortable with the tools required then installing the kit should be very manageable. All kits come with a detailed set of instructions as well as phone support from our design experts here at Kanga Room Systems.

The kits can be installed using a shovel, level, hammer, circular saw and power drill. A pneumatic finishing nailer and framing gun make for a quicker and easier install.

Kanga Room Systems personally handles installations within 100 miles of the Austin, DFW Metroplex, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston, Waco, Abilene and Tyler areas. We also have preferred installers in many other locations and can help the customer arrange installation in most areas of the continental U.S. Some additional fees may be incurred outside our preferred installer network.

Due to the nature of the panelized system Kanga Room Systems uses, there is actually MORE lumber than in a typical wood framed house. The structure’s wall and roof systems meet residential framing standards in most areas.

While the foundation system that comes standard on the buildings provides excellent support and stability it does not meet most residential standards because it is considered a temporary foundation. In cases where code inspections are required a concrete slab or pier and beam foundation will be required.

In most areas, buildings that are 120sq ft or less (it is 200 sq ft in the City of Austin) the building is considered an accessory structure and a building permit or inspection is not required.

If the building is being wired or plumbed and is inside the city limits then generally an electrical and plumbing inspection would be required.

The cost of the electrical work will vary depending on the location of the build site. If it is inside city limits then the work will have to be done by a licensed electrician with the appropriate inspections and permits. The cost is usually around $1,000 if handled by KRS.

The price listed does not include the necessary parts or labor to tie the plumbing fixtures into the main supply or sewer line. Estimated cost of doing this will vary depending on the location of the building but should fall somewhere between $1500 and $2500.

KRS can arrange for all necessary plumbing and electrical services required for your building.

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