Some licenses, certifications and approvals are still needed for construction of the 838 meter Sky City skyscraper

The Binshui New City management committee said that construction of the 838-metre Sky City – which developers plan to build in a record-breaking seven months – would not proceed until “relevant legal procedures” were met, Xinhua reported.

The panel said nine domestic construction experts had studied the project, including its structure and quake resistance, but an examination of plans for its construction, and its firefighting facilities, and applications for licences were still under way.

A spokeswoman for Broad group said the company was still proceeding with applications for the necessary certificates and licences. She said that it was only doing site work and the project was not in the construction phase.

Developers say Sky City, which would be made of “prefab” steel modules built off site, would be able to accommodate 30,000 people with flats, a school, hotel, hospital and offices, as well as an 8,000-square-metre garden.

Broad Group president Zhang Yue said that 3,000 workers would do assembly work at the construction site for three months while 20,000 would finish manufacturing in four months in factories.

If all goes to plan, the skyscraper will be crowned the world’s tallest building – 10 metres taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Super high-rise buildings usually take years to build using conventional techniques. The Burj Khalifa took 47 months to build.

There are many critics, haters and opponents to the Skycity project and Broad Group.
* within China there are allies (political) of other builders who would lose business to Broad Group if Broad Group had runaway commercial success with construction methods that are faster and lower cost
* there are those who represent workers who would lose work to a more efficient pre-fabrication process
* some City officials could see fewer payoffs for buildings that are put up in months instead of years

* There are China critics who want to see China fail and who want view the construction of an audacious skyscraper as a sign that China has overextended
* There are those who hate any departure from traditional methods

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