Carnival of Space 313

Carnival of Space 313 is up at Pam Hoffman’s Spacer blog.

Air and Space magazine – Melted Moon by Dr. Paul Spudis discusses impact melts on the lunar surface

The fresh lunar crater Giordano Bruno — a wealth of fascinating landforms to study

Nextbigfuture – Several of the new NASA NIAC projects. Pions and Muons from galactic cosmic ray collisions can be used to map the interior of asteroids to the meter scale and a depth of a kilometer. A project to develop suborbital, 10 meter class telescopes suitable for operation from radio to THz frequencies. The telescope consists of an inflatable, half-aluminized spherical reflector deployed within a much larger carrier balloon – either zero pressure or super pressure.

Nextbigfuture- More of the new NASA NIAC projects. Imagine being able to print anything from tools and composite building materials to food and human tissues. Imagine being on Mars with the ability to replace any broken part, whether it’s a part of your spacesuit, your habitat, or your own body. We propose a technique that would allow just that by printing 3D arrays of cells engineered to secrete the necessary materials, the abundant in situ resources of atmosphere and regolith become organic, inorganic, or organic-inorganic composite materials. Such materials include novel, biologically derived materials not previously possible to fabricate. The idea of suspended animation for interstellar human spaceflight has often been posited as a promising far-term solution for long-duration spaceflight. A means for full cryo-preservation and restoration remains a long way off still. However, recent medical progress is quickly advancing our ability to induce deep sleep states (i.e. torpor) with significantly reduced metabolic rates for humans over extended periods of time. Topor travel would reduce ikn transit material needed per passenger by about 3 to 4 times.

Nextbigfuture – More NASA NIAC projects. Pulsed fission-fusion propulsion would use a Z-Pinch device could be used to ignite a thermonuclear deuterium trigger. A project will try to design unlimited duration flight with detailed analysis of the key differences that enable a reduction in structural weight by 50%, while also decreasing the drag by 50% through significantly higher aspect ratio wings, higher wing loading, and lower payload drag.

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