Some other population projections of a two child policy in China

Some project a 4 million birth per year increase with a shift to a two child policy. This would mean about 12% of families with women aged 23-40 would choose to have a second child. Others project 9.5 million extra births per year based on 25% choosing to have a second child.

The Child Development research foundation was recommending a two-child policy in some provinces back in 2012 and a nationwide two-child policy by 2015. It also proposed all birth limits be dropped by 2020. The think tank is under the State Council, China’s Cabinet. Gu Baochang, a professor of demography at Beijing’s Renmin University and a vocal advocate of reform, said the proposed timeline wasn’t aggressive enough.

The UK has some family size statistics In the UK 39% have a second child and 14% have three or more.

Various surveys indicate that 57-70% of chinese would want a second child.

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