Water in the solar system

The main places in the solar system with a lot of water:

Europa – two to three times as much water as Earth is on Jupiter’s moon

Earth – 1,260,000 trillion tons

Ceres (one-tenth of the total water in Earth’s oceans). It could have more fresh water than the Earth

Enceladus (Saturn Moon). About 25-30 miles of ice covering liquid water ocean and then a silicate core.

Mars – The northern polar cap has a diameter of about 1,000 kilometers during the northern Mars summer, and contains about 1.6 million cubic km of ice, which, if spread evenly on the cap, would be 2 km thick. (This compares to a volume of 2.85 million cubic km for the Greenland ice sheet.) The southern polar cap has a diameter of 350 km and a thickness of 3 km. The total volume of ice in the south polar cap plus the adjacent layered deposits has also been estimated at 1.6 million cubic km

There is over 3200 trillion tons of water ice on Mars.

The Moon has at least 1-2 billion tons of water ice and possibly a lot of hydroxyl. This is still ten million to one billion times less water than the Earth has.

Lake Berryessa is California has a volume of about 2 billion tons. It is man-made. It is the 81st largest lake in the USA.

Jupiter is 0.0004% water. Jupiter has 318 times the mass of the Earth. Jupiter has 0.12% of the mass of Earth in water. This is about 1/800th the mass of the Earth.

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