A near term lead cooled integral reactor that is passively safe for the Canadian oilsand market

LEADIR-PS100 was presented by Ralph Hart at TEAC5 (Thorium Energy Alliance Conference) in May, 2013. Ralph Hart is Northern Nuclear chief engineer.

LEAD‐cooled Integral Reactor ‐ Passively Safe is being developed for the Canadian oilsand market.

LEADIR‐PS100 has an output of 100 MWth
• Initial market focus is the Canadian Arctic and Western Canadian Oilsands.
• The small LEADIR‐PS100s, while meeting market demands, will serve as demonstration plants.
• The creep, crawl, walk,run approach is adopted.
• Future LEADIR‐PS reactors may have larger capacity, higher temperature capability, operate on a Thorium fuel cycle.

Comprehensive design requirements focused on safety, economics and minimizing development were defined
which resulted in high level requirements including:
1. Production on a modern assembly line.
2. Capable of remote unattended operation, with 3000MWth minimum operated from a central facility.
3. Have maintenance and refuelling services provided by
specialized crews deployed from central locations.
4. Have security and surveillance provided by existing or modestly enhanced organizations.
5. Facilitate siting within conventional facilities in populated areas (below large parking garages, etc.).

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