Brillouin Energy provides an update on their LENR work and announce a licensing deal

Brillouin Energy Corporation (BEC) has been developing low energy nuclear energy power generation (aka cold fusion) (H/T E-cat World

A video interview with Robert Godes and Robert George from Brillouin Energy starts at around the 30:00 minute mark. The audio at the beginning of the video is messed up, but it gets fixed.

On the Brillouin Energy website they announced that Brillouin has entered into its first international licensing agreement covering three nations and is involved in on-going negotiations for other potential international partners. The Brillouin revenue model is fee based. The plan centers on a strategy of global licensing and royalties. Qualified manufacturing firms would pay annual license fees and a percentage of sales on products using the technology.

At 44:45 onwards Robert George says “Robert [Godes] has had scientists out from engineers from the Naval Research Lab and from Google. They’ve had their gamma detectors there, we’ve checked for all types of radiation”

They also indicate:
* patent attorneys are accepting equity in lieu of their fees
* 3.1 COP and viability in the Japanese Market because of the high cost of Natural Gas.

Brillouin Energy has raised about $3 million in funding and have a “second stage” $20M investment conditional agreement from Sunrise Securities of New York for $20 million.

•  The Sunrise offer would purchase 15% of BEC post-money, conditional on BEC moving ahead with and completing successful testing of its NHB™ at SRI

•  Sunrise offer is also conditional on Brillouin striking preliminary agreement to acquire at least one “stranded asset” conventional fuel source small scale (5-10MW) Power Plant, with existing conventional co-gen equipment, and replacing (retrofitting) old fuel source with Brillouin’s hot tube NHB™, together with renewal of an operating power purchase or steam heat contract with an industrial or a utility

•  Key expert affiliates of Sunrise, including former Director of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)’s independent power division, have already provided potential acquisition candidates, available for negligible cost, with power contracts already in place

•  Upon successful testing of NHB™ at SRI, the $20M Sunrise offer will fund full commercial launch of this merchant power supply retrofit business model

Nextbigfuture has not heard of successful testing at SRI.


Wired UK had a summary of the cold fusion field back in Sept 2012. I do not think that there have been any major positive developments with Rossi or Defkalion since that time.

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