Compact Foldable electric bikes

Stigo is the world’s fastest-folding electric scooter that can be taken along wherever one wishes to go – a restaurant, apartment, on public transportation or a small elevator.

This novel, max 25 km/h electric scooter weighs only 17 kg and its footprint is mere 45×40 cm when folded.

The Stigo is priced at €2,370 (about US$3,200), and is claimed to be street legal in its target market, where it’s classed as a limited performance scooter. Its developers plan to ship the first 200 to Europe by Q2 – Q3 of 2014, hoping to increase production to 8,000 units by 2015.

This would be great is the cost was about 4 to 8 times less. There are some options below that are in the $700-1000 range and nearly as compact.

There are other foldable electric bikes with comparable range and speed and priced at $1300.

Yikebikes are lighter (11-13kg) and are price about $2000-3000. They have similar speed to the Stigo but has less range (although up to 30km range with extra battery packs.

Here is light weight folding electric bike with comparable 15 mph speed and lightweight (16.7kg) and compact folding and for about $1000. Range is about 15 mile or 25 km.

Here is light (9.5 kg) folding electric 25 km per hour and up to 40 km range for $700.

There are folding electric scooters in the $300-600 range but they are heavier and have shorter range (usually about 10 miles). They can be faster.

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