Low cost iPhone 5C and a China Mobile deal could help Apple gain significant smartphone marketshare

Apple will introduce two new iPhone models at a special media event on Sept. 10. There should a high-end iPhone 5S and a budget iPhone which should be the iPhone 5C.

Apple’s iPhone 5S is expected to launch on September 20th in the U.S. and other initial markets and will have a new A7 processor, a better camera and an embedded fingerprint scanner.

The lower cost iPhone 5C will have five different colors, a price around US$400 (not including subscription discount) and will feature a plastic housing and a thicker build.

Huberty is estimating that the iPhone 5C would add an incremental 20 million units just in China, increase its market share by 13 points and add $4 in EPS ($0.20 per million units) , all without a deal with China Mobile CHL +0.84%. If the company can strike a deal with China Mobile, which Huberty is less certain about, it could add an additional 12 million iPhones, six points of share and $2.50 to EPS ($0.21 per million units).

A combined China mobile deal and introduction of the iPhone 5C could boost Apple to number one in China

China is shifting to the US$400-500 pricepoint and to 3G phones. This should make the iPhone 5C a big success

Apple is still the strongest with tablets but is down to about 35% of the market.

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