Terrafugia First Flying Car now with 2016 delivery estimate and second vertical takeoff flying car targets 2025

There are 5000 public use airports in the USA. On average people are a 30 minute drive fro one of those airports. The Terrafugia transition will be to takeoff from one of those airports. The flying car will cost $279,000. It uses premium gasoline and not jet fuel. They have been flying the vehicles but have had issues getting the regulators to certify them.

Originally planned for a 2011 delivery. The latest delivery date estimate is 2016.

The next flying car will be the TF-X Development of the TF-X is expected to last 8-12 years.

TF-X will be a fixed wing street-legal aircraft with electric ground drive and electric power assist on takeoff and landing.

TF-X™ will be able to recharge its batteries either from its engine or by plugging in to electric car charging stations.

TF-X™ will be capable of “auto-landing” at approved landing sites within approved weather limits.

Prior to departure, the operator selects a primary target landing zone and backup landing zones. If the TF-X™ calculates insufficient energy on board to conduct last minute aborts at the first two sites and safely navigate to and land at the third within a 30 minute reserve, or if the forecast weather in any of the three landing zones would be outside the allowable limits, or if any of the selected landing zones are in temporarily restricted airspace (TFRs), departure will not be allowed until appropriate landing zones are selected.

TF-X will carry four people in car-like comfort.

TF-X will have a non-stop flight range of at least 500 miles.

TF-X will fit into a standard construction single car garage.

TF-X will be able to takeoff vertically from a level clearing of at least 100ft in diameter.

TF-X will be able to drive on roads and highways – providing true door-to-door convenience and an automotive level of weather insensitivity.

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