A population of 100 million for Canada

Irvin Studin (Professor University of Toronto) made the case that Canada should have a population of 100 million.

Canada should be a country of 100 million people. It has been said before. Apocryphally, by Winston Churchill himself; more recently, by the countless immigrants, newcomers and visitors to the country who are able, it must be observed, to see in Canada what incumbent Canadians oftentimes do not: that Canada could be a proper world power – a country of global consequence.

Canada population trends are already heading towards about 75-90 million by 2100.

A discussion of tripling Canada’s population by 2100

Statistics Canada’s high growth population projection to 2061.

2020   39 million
2025   42 million
2030   44 million
2035   47 million
2040   50 million
2045   53 million
2050   56 million
2055   59 million
2060   63 million

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