Carnival of Nuclear Energy 176

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 176 is up at Hiroshima Syndrome.

Yes Vermont Yankee – The Safety of Nuclear versus Gas: A guest post by N Nadir

Who remembers the Piper Alpha? Who remembers all the accidents and disasters caused by fossil fuels. “Nuclear energy need not be perfect; it need not be risk free to be better than everything else, it merely needs to be better than everything else, which it is.

Nextbigfuture submissions

Why the EPR reactors in Europe will be 7 years late and triple the cost of the same reactors built in China which are on schedule and on budget.

Germany faces rising electricity costs and at least $270 billion for wind power with an exit from nuclear power

According to the Institute for Energy Research, this year German electricity rates will increase by over 10% due to a surcharge for using more renewable energy and a further 30 to 50% price increase is expected in the next ten years.

German electricity is already about triple the price of electricity in the USA and four times the price in Canada.

Reviewing the history of nuclear power costs

Weather analysis shows there was no plausible Fukushima scenario in which Tokyo, Yokosuka, or Yokota would have been subject to dangerous levels of airborne radiation

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory calculated the worst case scenarios from the tsunami damaged Fukushima nuclear reactors.

Money for energy research and development and deployment is not scarce. $6 trillion per year is spent on energy. There is $1.9 trillion in post tax subsidies.

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