Google Barges with 4 stories of shipping containers in San Francisco and Portland, Maine

CNET was first to report ties between Google and the structure, a four-story-tall building made from shipping containers that sits mostly covered in scaffolding and dark netting on a stationary barge alongside Treasure Island, a former Navy base in the San Francisco Bay. There is a very similar one that is currently located in Portland, Maine.

There is speculation it could be a floating data center, in large part because a 2009 Google patent described, in many ways, what the tech company has built on top of the barges in both San Francisco Bay and Maine.

Another theory, first reported by CNET parent CBS’ San Francisco affiliate KPIX, is that the building is actually some sort of floating Google Glass retail or marketing venue. That theory was bolstered by a tipster who, prior to the KPIX report, contacted CNET suggesting sources inside Google had said the project will be a floating Google Glass store intended to move from city to city hawking the tech giant’s futuristic augmented-reality glasses.

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