Intel will produce ARM 64 bit core chips using 14 nanomater fabrication process

Intel will fabricate starting in 2014 high-end Altera Stratix 10 parts that use four ARM Cortex-A53 cores and it will Intel’s 14 nm Finfet process. Industry watchers will be interested to kick the tires on the combination of Intel’s leading-edge process and ARM’s 64-bit cores. Altera claims the Stratix 10 parts in Intel’s 14nm process will provide FPGA “performance over one gigahertz, two times the core performance of current high-end 28-nm FPGAs.”

In terms of fab processes, Intel is seen as a node ahead of the competition. It is now ramping up 14nm FinFET process. Foundry rival TSMC is ramping up its 20nm process now but does not expect to have a version with FinFETs ready for commercial use until late next year.

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