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1. Technical hurdles have been overcome for the first human head transplant. [343,000 pageviews, 6100 facebook shares, 346 tweets, 243 google plus]

The technical hurdles have now been cleared thanks to cell engineering. As described in his paper, the keystone to successful spinal cord linkage is the possibility to fuse the severed axons in the cord by exploiting the power of membrane fusogens/sealants. Agents exist that can reconstitute the membranes of a cut axon and animal data have accrued since 1999 that restoration of axonal function is possible. One such molecule is poly-ethylene glycol (PEG), a widely used molecule with many applications from industrial manufacturing to medicine, including as an excipient in many pharmaceutical products. Another is chitosan, a polysaccharide used in medicine and other fields.

HEAVEN capitalizes on a minimally traumatic cut of the spinal cord using an ultra-sharp blade (very different from what occurs in the setting of clinical spinal cord injury, where gross, extensive damage and scarring is observed) followed within minutes by chemofusion (GEMINI). The surgery is performed under conditions of deep hypothermia for maximal protection of the neural tissue. Moreover, and equally important, the motoneuronal pools contained in the cord grey matter remain largely untouched and can be engaged by spinal cord stimulation, a technique that has recently shown itself capable of restoring at least some motor control in spinal injured subjects.

2. Deaths per terawatt hour per energy source. [201,000 pageviews, 10,000 facebook shares, 3700 tweets, 142 google+]

3. 150 kilowatt lasers will be installed in US fighter planes as early as 2014. [161,000 pageviews, 3,400 facebook shares, 161 tweets, 136 google+]

4. Cable companies make 97% margin on internet services and have no incentive to offer gigabit internet. [153000 pageviews, 1500 facebook shares, 199 tweets, 173 Google+]

5. US manufacturing jobs are leaving China and returning to robots in the US [112,000 pageviews, 587 facebook shares, 66 tweets, 64 google+]

A couple of other fairly popular articles in 2013.

China is spending $250 billion per year on Education. [49,000 pageviews, 449 Facebook shares, 204 tweets, 44 Google+]

High-Strength Chemical-Vapor–Deposited Graphene as large as TV screens produced that are 90% as strong as ideal crystal graphene [28000 pageviews, 58 facebook shares, 18 tweets, 21 google+]

Prediction – Religious will be a global minority by 2025 in WIN-Gallup polls and Athiest and Agnostic will be the number one category by 2040s [17,000 pageviews, 560 facebook shares, 51 tweets, 50 Google+]

Billionaire Peter Thiel funds Positron Dynamics who are developing a 10 microgram per week antimatter factory [12,000 pageviews, 383 Facebook shares, 53 tweets, 20 Google +]

Crowdfunded security in Oakland. It is every block for themselves. Just like Judge Dredd [9000 pageviews, 96 Facebook shares, 15 tweets]

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