Andrea Rossi and his company are taking pre-orders for the 1 megawatt LENR Energy Catalyzer

The super controversial Rossi ECAT 1MW plant is now available on the market. It takes 200 kilowatts of input power and claims to deliver 1 Megawatt of output power.

UPDATE – Looking at the dates of the FAQ. The site was put up in November 2011.

Sign up and pre-order, and secure your place on a waiting list with the right to priority treatment and faster product delivery.

The ECAT 1MW plant contains 106 smaller ECAT units mounted in a shipping container. Valve for filling the Hydrogen is on the front of each unit, together with electrical connection to the immersion heater used to start the reaction.

Production & Manufacturing plans are under way 2013. Current delivery time is estimated to four months. Warranty for functionality is two years with a guaranteed COP of 6, and the plant has an expected life span of 30 years.

The ECAT 1MW plant is constructed inside an international standardized 20ft container which can easily be transferred between different modes of transportation (e.g. ships, air cargo, trains and trucks).

The plant consists of small parallel modules. Each reactor contains three cores and consumes small amounts of treated Nickel powder and Hydrogen gas (under pressure, approx. 15 bar). The plant is recharged by specially trained and certified personnel.

The home unit is not available yet. It is awaiting certification

The Hot Ecat is listed as a prototype.

There is an english translation from google translate of a new swedish report on the latest in cold fusion and the history of what has happened. The Swedish energy R&D institute Elforsk has published a new report providing an overview of the history and current state of research in the field of LENR.

Some of that has happened in the area:

* Andrea Rossi, an Italian inventor and chemist have developed a reactor called the E-Cat. It’s a seemingly simple device, consisting of a metal tube containing a small catalyst of nickel powder in nano size. The tube is filled at startup, including small amounts of hydrogen and is stated to produce a significant excess heat for several months. Company that develops Rossi’s device, Leonardo Corporation, claim that their reactors soon is “scientifically” validated and ready for market launch.

* The Greek company Defkalion, which is now available in Canada had from the beginning a partnership with Andrea Rossi, but has gone its own way in developing its hydrogen-nickel reactor Hyperion. Defkalion has announced that their technology will be launched in 2014.

* Brillouin Energy Corporation, an American company, claiming to they invented what they call it controlled electron capture reaction

The third party report on the Ecat was published on Arxiv in June, 2013

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