Asteroids can be moved into lunar orbits and used for operating bases

Retrograde orbits around the moon are stable and can be used as places park redirected near earth asteroids.

Possible Selenocentric Distant Retrograde Orbits (SDRO) Applications In Addition To Redirected Asteroid Storage

• Remote operation of lunar surface robotics with humans in SDRO
• Reusable interplanetary transport infrastructure “garage” between missions in SDRO

Trades Between EML1/2 And SDRO Architectures Are Barely Understood
• Continuous communications with Earth are possible from EML1 and near EML2; SDROs have periodic outages of an hour or more
• Access to EML1/2 from Earth is comparable to 70,000 km radius SDRO
• Lunar surface access from EML1/2 is comparable to an 70,000 km (radius) SDRO, but requires less time and for SDROs with smaller radius in best cases. Planar SDRO geometry can impose access outages for mid – latitude lunar landings/returns, but lunar surface access from EML1/2 is independent of landing site location and landing time.
• Stationkeeping near EML1/2 requires weekly impulses; a stable SDRO requires none

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