China could become the third largest producer of nuclear energy in 2014

Russia currently has the third largest active production of nuclear energy. Japan has more but most of their nuclear reactors are shutdown. Japan is likely to only have a partial restart of about 12 nuclear reactors in 2014. Russia could complete 1-4 nuclear reactors by the end of 2014.

China could complete 8-15 nuclear reactors by the end of 2014. Several were scheduled to start in 2013 and are close to starting by the startup might slip a few months into the early part of 2014.

By adding 10 GW of nuclear power, China should pass Russia and South Korea. China would need to get about nine nuclear reactors started.Most of the new reactors are 1.08 GWe. There is one that is 1.7 GWe and a couple that are 1.25 GWe.

China should pass France for second most nuclear energy generation in about 2018-2019.

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